We have a unique laser welding system adapted to advanced welding of batteries.
Thanks to many years of cooperation with leading welding institutes, we have facilities for both research, engineering and manufacturing.

Laser Welding Li-Ion Batteries

IBWC laser welding process creates high-quality welds for li-ion batteries. Laser welding is a non-contact, low heat-input, easily automatable and hence, highly repeatable joining process.

The high welding rates, weld quality and repeatability, attainable has led to the process being successfully adopted by a number of industry sectors for the joining of li-ion cells in many industries including automotive. We have been developing our laser welding capabilities on li-ion batteries since 2014.

Low Heat

Heat input and distortion is proportional to the volume of welded metal. Laser welding melts very little extra material on li-ion cell part.

Geometry of Weld

The perfect geometry of the connection reduces distortion of components.


High welding speeds in the hundreds of mm per minute with CNC reproducibility.

Improved Weld

Consistency, repeatability, good looking joints.


  • Welding of Cells: prismatic, pouch and cylindrical;
  • Toshiba SCiB™ Welding Shop;
  • Welding of battery packs based on customers documentation or developed by our engineers;
  • Development of technologies for welding different types of batteries;
  • Making batteries and energy storages;
  • Testing quality of welds;
  • Engineering support in the design of batteries and energy storages.

Laser Welding System Capabilities

  • 3kW Trumpf Trudisc technology
  • Galvo Head
  • True Vision Line system
  • Speed >200″/min.
  • Beam diameter: 100um
  • Materials: Aluminium, NPS, Nickel, Steel

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